GROWING IN THE KINGDOM - Leader & Student Guides

By Michael Alan Nichols



     This is an excellent manual for small groups to utilize for developing a substantial doctrinal understanding of God and the bible. There are thirty-two separate lessons that a Christian parent or leader can use to guide these bible studies.  This instruction is offered from a sovereign grace and full preterism perspective.
     SECTION ONE deals with Presenting Jesus, the Atonement, and other related topics;  SECTION TWO looks at Christian Marriage, Security in Christ, and other comparable subjects; SECTION THREE covers several of the Attributes of God; including His eternal love, His omniscience, His omnipotence, and more; SECTION FOUR offers seven lessons on the basic teachings of Fulfilled Prophecy.
     LEADER GUIDE: Manuscript size, comb-bound, 78 pages.
ISBN13: 978-1-932844-11-5. The book along with the Student's Guide (below) may be purchased at publisher's website:


     STUDENT (fill-in) GUIDE: Should be purchased for each student.

     This separate work book provides one word fill-ins to help students stay focused as the group leader goes through each lesson. Manuscript size, comb-bound, 82 pgs. ISBN13: 978-1-932844-12-2. 




By Michael Alan Nichols. Subtitled: Principles for Productive Preterist Prayers.
     This is an exhaustive study of prayer from a consistent Preterism point of view. It is also written from a sovereign grace perspective. It would be useful for college students and adults in individual and group studies. It is presented in a clear and easy reading style.
     Many questions about praying are examined according to Scripture. Issues that have an effect on our prayers are also considered and answers are discovered.  Examples: Why pray if God is sovereign and has determined the outcome? Can we get God to change His mind? What should we do if there are doctrinal errors taught in our church? What is the sign that God gives to identify His elect? And much more!   Spiral bound in manuscript size with 94 pages. ISBN 978-1-932844-08-5.
The book may be purchased at the publisher's website:



By Michael Alan Nichols. Subtitled: Biblical Fundamentals & Fulfillments.
     This book includes an analysis of the pathway to the New Covenant Kingdom.  It is a study of biblical fundamentals such as The Scripture, The Canon, The Resurrection, The Church, Salvation, The Sovereignty of God, Diety of Christ, The Trinity, and Fulfilled Prophecy.
     It is written from the perspective of consistent preterism. It presents an easy reading study to strengthen our faith. It should be useful for any student or adult desiring to learn more about essential doctrines of Christianity.
     Spiral bound, manuscript size, 134 pages. ISBN 978-1-932844-07-8.
The book may be purchased at the publisher's website:





By Michael Alan Nichols. Subtitled: Fulfilled Prophecy; Jewish-Roman War; Kingdom Life.
     This book is the third in a series that examines fulfilled prophecy. It digs deeper and analyzes what Jesus Christ completed during one generation in the first century AD.
     It includes His first coming on earth; His work in heaven during the transition period; and His second coming operations in the various realms during 66 – 70 AD.  Section One explains the fulfilled prophecies of both His first and second comings; Section Two offers an historical account of the Jewish-Roman War ending in 70 AD; Section Three introduces the fully established new spiritual kingdom and how we should now be living with the tools and liberty that God has given us.  Spiral bound, manuscript size, 130 pages.   ISBN13:  978-1-932844-10-8.  The book may be purchased at publisher's website:



By Michael Alan Nichols. Subtitled: A Study of Basic Biblical Preterism.
     This is the Author's 9th published book and first since discovering
“Preterism”. It is the first in a series of basic studies of Biblical Preterism
and is now in its second printing. This book is an easy reading, condensed
look at fulfilled prophecy. The author has prepared fifteen lessons with a
review quiz at the end of each one. These begin with a verse by verse
study of Matthew, Chapter 24.
     It also includes five lessons on the Book of Revelation that make it
easier to understand subjects that have been mysterious for two thousand
years. In addition there are separate lessons on the following: The New
Testament Canon; Daniel's Seventy Weeks; The New Heaven and New
Earth; Second Peter Chapter 3; and Romans Chapter 11.
     This book should be useful for students and adults alike to have a basic
understanding of fulfilled biblical prophecies in the generation of the
Apostles. Spiral bound, manuscript size, 122 pages. ISBN 978-1-932844-06-6.
     The book may be purchased at publisher's website:


By Michael Alan Nichols. Subtitled: Power Points – Preterism vs. Futurism.
     This second primer about fulfilled prophecy in the first century AD consists of forty “power points”. Each is a separate and short study of various subjects dealing with Christ’s second coming and His redemptive work for His people.
     This book compares the differences between the views of Futurism versus Preterism in each of these forty topics. It provides clear answers to difficult questions: “How can there be so much evil if Satan is bound?” “Where is the Lake of Fire located?” “Will Israel’s temple be rebuilt by God?” “What is the blessed hope for Christians today?” and many more.
     Every Preterist should have this book as a handy resource for explaining
confusing biblical issues about fulfilled prophecy. Spiral bound, manuscript size, 116 pages. ISBN 978-1-932844-09-2. The book may be purchased at publisher's website:



 By Michael Alan Nichols. Subtitle: "Plus: Parousia, Resurrection, Judgment, and the New Covenant Kingdom".    

   An intermediate level study of Preterism from a sovereign grace, full Preterism, rapture perspective. This book takes a deeper look into our "Afterlife". What happens when we die? What kind of body do we have? Also explains the Parousia, the Resurrection, the final Judgments, and the New Covenant spiritual Kingdom in which we now live.     It offers hundreds of scriptural footnotes. Teaches the priesthood of all believers and challenges the church to rethink its priorities going forward in human history.

   This book provides a bonus section - "70 x 70" - presenting 70 verses that were fulfilled by 70 AD. It has commentary on each to help Preterists share with others.     This book includes a Preterism Statement of Faith. It is Manuscript size, Spiral bound, 138 pgs. ISBN: 978-1-932844-13-9. It may be purchased at publisher's website:

By Michael Alan Nichols. Subtitle: "Commentary on 140 Bible Terms & Concepts".  

   This is a useful reference book that all Christians with an interest in Preterism eschatology should have in their personal library. It is designed as a resource for learning and teaching fulfilled prophecy.  It discusses and explains 140 biblical topics that are arranged in alphabetical order in an easy reading format with scriptural references.

   This is the author's ninth published preterism book.  All are written from a sovereign grace, full preterism, and rapture perspective. Manuscript size, Spiral bound, 174 pages. ISBN 1-932844-14-7. It may be purchased at publisher's website:


New Release!!!

As HE Pleases: Our Heavenly Body
By Michael Alan Nichols.


   A short story with scriptural truths in a fictional setting.  This book examines the scriptures to discover the kind of body that Christians have in heaven.  Is it an individual body or a collective body?  Is it a visible or invisible body?  What does it mean for man to be in God's image and likeness? What does it mean to be perfect?  The main characters are a small groupn of Christians who live in a farming area of Western Nebraska.  Includes a Preterism Statement of Faith.  There are hundreds of footnotes with 40 short chapters.. Manuscript size, Spiral bound, 90 pages. ISBN 1-932844-15-5. It may be purchased at publisher's website: